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by earl, 7412 days ago
I'm back from a few exceptionally grand days in the UK. Due to a kind invitation of Kx/First Derivatives passed on to me by chris I had the opportunity to attend a 2-day K4/Kdb+ course held by Arthur Whitney as well as the British APL Association's celebration of Vector's 20th birthday.

Stately located in Merchant Taylor's Hall the seminar "Building Applications with Kdb+" was characterized by an incredibly friendly and warm atmosphere and could be best described as an "European K user group meeting" (as Eberhard puts it). Besides Arthur Whitney presenting K4/Kdb+, various Kx customers presented their use of K. Adrian Smith summarizes the impressive nature of those presentations quite well:

"One, from a Boston investment bank, described how a single programmer uses Kdb to create, maintain and analyse a 4-terabyte database, claimed to be among the world's ten largest."

As chris has put up an excellent report, I'll simple pass you along for now. It was a pleasure to meet and talk to the Kx crew (Arthur Whitney, Janet Lustgarten and Simon Garland) and the BAA members (Stephen Taylor, Adrian Smith and Morten Kromberg, to name a few). Meeting Eberhard Lutz finally allows me to associate a face with e7l3 and further, I now know how quickly a notebook can be replaced :)

"We have designed and implemented the Google File System, a scalable distributed file system for large distributed data-intensive applications. It provides fault tolerance while running on inexpensive commodity hardware, and it delivers high aggregate performance to a large number of clients."
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