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by earl, 7487 days ago
Aspect Oriented Programming


following is a very shameless theft from Eberhard Lutz, the original piece can be found in e7l3's archives.

AOP is still in its infancy, so, most of the papers that can be found on the web are highly theoretical and hard to read. Here are some of them:

Wolfgang De Meuter writes about the strong similarity between the Monadic and Aspect Oriented Programming paradigms: Monads as a theoretical foundation for AOP.

Procedures, functions, methods, modules, APIs, classes etc. are used in the traditional approach to implement all kind of properties. However, certain properties such as error handling and optimization tend to cross-cut the functionality resulting in tangled code which is then unclear and hard to modify and adapt. AOP attempts to close this well-known gap between requirements / design and implementation.

AOP is based on the following assumptions. Properties which must be implemented are subdivided into components corresponding to basic functionality and aspects corresponding to non-functional properties. A property is a component if it can be cleanly encapsulated in a procedure, a method etc. Otherwise it is an aspect: Declarative aspect-oriented programming. Program transformations facilitating reuse of higher-order functional programs in: Adaption of functional object programs, Semantics of Method Call Interception, all papers by Ralf Lämmel.

-- Eberhard Lutz
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