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ASF Overview
by earl, 7784 days ago
A simple compilation by myself to gain an overview of the various projects hosted by the ASF.


apache top level projects:
- http server
- ant
- apr
- perl (mod_perl)
- php

apache db projects (database projects):
- ojb (advanced O/R toolkit)
- torque (simple O/R toolkit; former part of jakarta turbine)

apache jakarta projects (java projects):
- alexandria (proj management)
- avalon (component framework, COP)
- bcel (byte code engineering library)
- bsf (bean scripting framework)
- cactus (j2ee unit testing framework: ejbs, servlets, ...)
- commons ("small" java libs)
- ecs (element construction set; markup generation toolkit)
- james (pure java smtp/pop3/nntp server - enterprise mail engine)
- jetspeed (portal system based on turbine)
- jmeter (generic java load testing and performance measurement)
- log4j (logging impl)
- lucene (full-text search engine)
- oro (perl5 compatible regexp)
- poi (OLE2 impl)
- regexp
- slide (webdav-aware cms)
- struts (mvc for j2ee [servlets, jsp])
- taglibs (jsp taglib collection, currently 22 taglibs)
- tomcat (j2ee servlet/jsp reference impl)
- turbine (mvc for j2ee or velocity)
- velocity (general purpose templating engine)
- watchdog (j2ee servlet/jsp compliance testing)

apache jakarta avalon subprojects:
- framwork (avalon itself)
- excalibur (common code)
- phoenix (COP for server impl)
- cornerstone (block repository)

apache commons subprojects:
- beanutils
- betwixt (xml to bean mapping)
- cli ("getopt" for java)
- collections
- dbcp (db connection pooling)
- digester (xml digesting)
- discovery (factory zeugs, pluggable interfaces)
- fileupload (multipart/form-data parser)
- httpclient
- jelly (XML to code mapper. extremely abstract "do anything" tool.)
- jexl (java expression language, "advanced eval() impl")
- jxpath (xpath impl)
- lang (enhanced java.lang classes)
- latka (functional HTTP(S) testing tool)
- logging (uber-logging umbrella-api)
- modeler (jmx model mbeans utils)
- net (low-level protocol access: finger, whois, tftp, telnet, pop3, ftp, nntp, smtp, ...)
- pool (general purpose pooling)
- validator (i18n input validation)
- +17 more "unstable" projects being in the "jakarta sandbox"

apache xml projects:
- xerces java 2 (xml parser)
- xerces c++
- xerces perl
- xalan java 2 (xstl proc)
- xalan c++
- fop
- forrest (document management system; based on cocoon, xml and xslt)
- cocoon (uber-uber publishing framework)
- soap (legacy soap 1.0 impl, ex-ibm)
- batik (svg toolkit)
- axis (soap impl)
- xml commons (kinda xml bundle provision project; unclear and strange)
- xml security (another quite unripe thingy; implementing xml security standards)
- xml-rpc (ex-helma)
- xindice (xdbms, ex-dbXML Core)
- axkit (xml application server; looks like a small cocoon)
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