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Active Oberon
by earl, 7431 days ago
"Based on the Oberon language we propose a unified framework for concurrent object-oriented programming. Inspired by simulation, the idea is to regard objects as processes, in contrast with the more common approach of treating processes as objects. We extend the Oberon language with four concepts: (a) Object-centered access protection, (b) object-local activity control, (c) system-guarded assertions, and (d) pre-emptive priority scheduling. (a) and (b) are expressed syntactically by upgraded record types, (c) by a passivation/activation construct and (d) by a priority annotation."

A successor to Oberon (the language) enriching the language with a concept called Active Objects in order to "support concurrency and component modelling in the language in a clean, seamless way."

- Patrik Reali: Active Oberon Language Report
- Andreas Disteli, Patrik Reali : Combining Oberon with Active Objects
- Patrik Reali: Structuring a Compiler with Active Objects
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