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Adam Bosworth
by earl, 7176 days ago
Ex-Microsoft, Ex-Bea, now at Google. He'd probably be best described by the words of Joel Spolsky:

"I first worked with Adam Bosworth when he was designing Microsoft Access, and I was designing the application programmability strategy that became VBA. He is an incredibly fast thinker and incessantly right. Unlike most fast-thinkers who are always right, he also knows how to listen, and if he discovers he was wrong (as he did within one hour in 1992 when I convinced him that macro languages needed to be object-oriented), he'll change his mind without emotional attachment to his old ideas. Adam set a better example for the role of Program Manager than anyone I'd ever met.

"Adam has designed and shipped more world-shaping software than anyone else I can think of. Borland's old Reflex relational database. Microsoft Access. ODBC. Internet Explorer's "Trident" editor and document object model. Soap. XML."
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