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Conceptual Graphs
by earl, 7487 days ago
"Conceptual graphs (CGs) are a rather popular (especially in natural language processing) and expressive formalism for representing knowledge about an application domain in a graphical way." (Sattler, Calvanese & Molitor, 2003)

A knowledge representation/conceptual modelling formalism (an ORL).



See also: Description Logics, OWL, RDF-S


Sattler, U., Calvanese, D. & Molitor, R. (2003), Relationship with Other Formalisms, in F. Baader, D. Calvanese, D. McGuinness, D. Nardi & P. F. Patel-Schneider, eds, 'The Description Logic Handbook: Theory, Implementation, and Applications', Cambridge University Press, pp. 137–177.
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