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Distributed Authentication
by earl, 7170 days ago
just some braindump in progress

-- Technologies
- Kerberos
- LDAP (Novell NDS/DirXML, Microsoft ADS, ...)

-- Designing an Authentication System: a Dialogue in Four Scenes
excellent Kerberos tutorial

-- RFC 2104 - HMAC

-- Authenticating XML-RPC
a quite interesting approach to authenticated XML-RPC making extensive use of HTTP (all authentication is basically done with HTTP-headers).

-- Nareau:
-- ICEPick:
-- PassPal:
-- XNS:

-- Distributed Membership and Preferences (DMAP)
rather fuzzy and useless, the interesting parts are the discussions around it

various other things:
-- who authenticates the authenticators?!
slashdot posting; what about always-nay/yeah-sayers? (byzantine general problem)
- Raph Levian on that problem (PhD thesis):
- Leslie Lamport on that problem:
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