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by earl, 7417 days ago
"Hypertext is the presentation of information as a linked network of nodes which readers are free to navigate in a non-linear fashion. It allows for multiple authors, a blurring of the author and reader functions, extended works with diffuse boundaries, and multiple reading paths."

-- The Electronic Labyrinth, here

Ted Nelson came up with the term hypertext in his work "Literary Machines" and simply defined it as "non-sequential writing". Important hypertext models and research systems include (in alphabetic order) ENQUIRE, [create HyperCard], IBIS, InterMedia, [create Memex], NoteCards and [create Xanadu].

A few hypertext resources:

- "The Memex and Beyond web site is a major research, educational, and collaborative web site integrating the historical record of and current research in hypermedia."

- The Electronic Labyrinth
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