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Jabber Client Review
by earl, 7612 days ago
intro: i'm interested in GUI jabber clients for windows and CLI clients for linux. (GUI clients beeing clients with an fully graphical interface; opposing CLI clients which provide a character based, "command line interface".)

comments in wiki-style discussion, please :)

NB: most of this is quite outdated. i'm very happy with JAJC and IMcom by now. maybe some day i'll go on and do a quick recap of current jabber clients.

[Linux - CLI]

Tested Version: 0.9.3
Result: the one and only, currently in use
Positive: very micq like
Negative: still some bugs, but no show-stoppers anymore; missing a good chat interface (with ncurses some window-based like thingie should be no problem)

[Windows - GUI]

JAJC - Just Another Jabber Client
Tested Version:
very customizable, sleek looking and efficient. totally stable. in everyday use.

Akeni - Jabber Editiion
Tested Version: 0.9.1
[marketeer:] "We offer an easy to use client, and we DO support multiline messages. Not all Jabber features are supported yet though."

JIM - Jabber Instant Messenger
Tested Version:
Result: once used, but then discarde for the far superior JAJC
Positive: simple, useful gui
Negative: missing customizable key binding, occasional crashes, file-transfer is not working

Rival Messenger
Tested Version: 2.0.166
Result: a possible replacement for JIM if they get their fonts right :)
Positive: simple, useful gui
Negative: no customizability whatsoever, VERY small font

Tested Version:
Unusable - no chance to send multiline messages, this is a K.O. criteria

Tested Version: 1.4
Unusable - very bad, bloated gui. key bindings really suck.

Tested Version: 1.1
Unusable - K.O. bug messing up the clipboard. GUI bloated, file-transfer not working.

Tested Version: 0.8.5
Unusable - multiline messaging only via CTRL-M hack.

Tested Version: 2.2.4
Unusable - on the feature-level even to JIM. but it is that plain ugly, simply not usable. further it crashes a lot, and wastes by far too much space in chat-mode.
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