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by earl, 6666 days ago
So you want to know a bit more about this rating thing?

The bare facts:

  • Pages are called snips (just in case you might wonder)
  • Please rate snips based on your subjective impressions!
  • You can rate a snip on a scale of 1 to 6, or in plain english:
    1. very useful
    2. quite useful
    3. a bit useful
    4. not that useful
    5. quite useless
    6. very useless
  • Summary: 1 is the best, 6 the worst rating.
  • You can revise a rating, but you can not "unrate" a rated snip

You can also read the official announcement, made on 2003-04-18.

Supplementary to the announcement: This is a (small) part of my final year project which is concerned with collaborative filtering. Basically the task of this rating prototype is to simply gather data. This is the "first phase". Subsequent phases might then use this data to provide snip personalized snip recommendations, detect snip clusters and provide "see also" links or other funny collaborative filtering things.
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