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by unknown, a long time ago
"John McCarthy has said: "XML is just S-Expressions, only ten times as verbose." This comparison, while critical of XML, helps explain the source of its appeal -- for most of the computing world, XML is the first S-Expression-like system they've seen. What XML, S-Expressions, Antlr ASTs (abstract syntax trees), and Prolog Term trees have in common is that they are notations (or surface syntaxes) for "practically universal" trees of symbols. [...]"

Irgendwann dieser Tage wird sich E wohl nicht mehr vermeiden lassen, falls denn die Lust zupacken sollte, Tutorial ici:

"JavaScript's C-like syntax, including curly braces and the clunky for statement, makes it appear to be an ordinary procedural language. This is misleading because JavaScript has more in common with functional languages like Lisp than with C or Java. It has arrays instead of lists and objects instead of property lists. Functions are first class. You get lambdas without having to balance all those parens."
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