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by stephan schmidt, 6665 days ago
Noch viel netter finde ich aus dem Artikel:

It's got to be appropriate for the things that you do. Benoit is right about B-Trees, really, in that they're a stupid data structure for most cases, because 99 per cent of the time when you do a Find, you do a case insensitive substring match aand a B-Tree is useless for that type of query

Oh so ein schoenes Interview, denn es geht weiter:

Benoit : I see that in the industry. For a thousand records, they use an SQL database. So basically they pay Oracle to put the data in the RAM cache for them.

Dominic: That's pretty funny.

Zu Be: Verbrecherfirma, viel zu schnell die Hardware eingestellt :-) Nun habe ich seit 6 Jahren ne sauteure Bebox sinnlos rumstehen +G+

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