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by earl, 6612 days ago
okay :) some misunderstanding here. i'm definitely not for a central service with central as in "one for all and everyone."

parss is just a mediator for a local (!) group. i think the concrete antville/parss situation explains this in a quite unambigous way: a single antville installation can host a large amount of users (with individual site/webblogs). now each users gets the ability to use his site for feed aggregation. obviously, if say a hundred users subscribe to, a hundred individual polls would be necessary. in the concrete antville/parss situation, it is a no-brainer to register all feeds at a central module (parss) and then poll each feed only once and provide the results to all local subscribed users.

but even in certain other situations, such a mediator (== proxy) approach makes sense. even when HTTP proxies are used, a special RSS mediator might improve processing speeds (another motivation for parss, afaict).
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