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by Kragen Javier Sitaker, 4160 days ago
How long did it take to do the merge for you?

There are cases where there will be a noticeable delay before you get the first page of results --- try fts mbox a b c for example. There are even queries with small result sets that will have the same problems, like fts mbox a b c 'kragen from ' 'bicicleta '. A little bit of query optimization here could go a long way: estimate the number of postings for each query term, evaluate the query terms that produce the smallest number of results first, and then just use the rest to filter messages out from the stream produced by the more selective terms. Where this usually hurts is in queries like fts mbox 'watchdog list-id ' 'sep date ' '2008 date ', which takes about 30 seconds on my 12GB mailbox.

Is there a place I can pull your patch from?
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