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Sonntag, 6. Mai 2001 link

lcom provided weiterhin grandiose links: - Peter Norvig, "Adaptive Software". Daraus:
The myth of design choices: In traditional software development, the designers consider several alternatives to implement each component, and then make choices based on the desired product. The alternatives that were not chosen, along with the rationale for the choice, are then discarded. That means when the environment changes (perhaps a new communications protocol becomes popular, or the user gets a computer that is twice as powerful), one needs to start all over again to see what choices are now the best. Often, the original programmers have moved on, and so their design rationale is lost. The alternative is to capture the design criteria as a formal part of the program, and let the program reconfigure itself, as the environment changes, to optimally satisfy the criteria.

Ja, so einfach ist das also. So viele sind uebergluecklich wenn sie es schaffen, die static design decision zu realisieren ...

ist allerdings ein hochinteressanter und naheliegender gedanke. trivialisiert dargestellt: software a kann parametrisieren ob sie task x eher durch rechenleistung und/oder eher durch massive speichernutzung loest. software a auf rechner u losgelassen erkennt dessen merkmale und arbeitet dahingehend optimiert, dessen vorzuege auszunutzen.

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