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Freitag, 18. April 2003 link

Fellow esa-readers!

Let me introduce to you: snip rating on esa. Some of you might already wonder what that rating-dummy ought to be. Others might have noticed the rating bar that appears once you leave the weblog and read other snips. Here's the official announcement :)

You can now rate pages in this Wiki! In order to rate snips (pages are called "snips" in vanilla, which is the software that powers this site), you have to be logged in. This rating thingie is part of my final year project which in turn is a part of my university studies.

Currently, you gain no immediate benefits by rating snips except fame and honor and my deepest gratitude! Nevertheless I plan to extend this in the future, so starting to rate now is a good thing :) And lot's of ratings would really help me. To experiment with this thing, you could start at the rating-dummy, or by rating today's blog entry. Blog entries now have a "rate!" link, which - guess - takes you directly to a page where you can rate the weblog entry. :)

Please rate snips based on your subjective impressions. If you have no idea what this means, keep thinking "would I like to see another snip like that?" or "did I like that snip?" :)

Bruno Bord 7674 days ago:
great feature for Vanilla, indeed. But my main problem is : I can't speak German. Can't rate the weblog entries "not in English".
Well... let's see... how can I rate my own comment ?

earl 7674 days ago:
hmm, maybe comments need a "rate!" link too :)

and i know, the german language stuff is a consistent problem for non-german speakers. better leave them unrated ;)

gpoul 7674 days ago:
hmmm... I really have to wonder why non-german speakers have a problem with german language stuff... hmmmm.... I rate earl's comment insightful... oh... wait... we can't rate comments yet... :-)

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