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Donnerstag, 13. November 2003 link aYago

Avi Bryant: "The Relational Object Expressions library, or ROE, doesn't do any mapping, but it does put the world of tables and rows on an equal footing with objects. [..] Relational expressions (ie, queries) are first class objects, which can be easily passed around, composed, and introsopected. [..] I think combining optimized, relational queries with traditional metadata-heavy O/R mapping (minus the caching, maybe more on that later) could be quite powerful."

ROE ist eine Squeak sache und die versierte leserschaft moege doch bitte mal gschwind die beispiele in obig verlinktem betrachten und evtl einen kommentar zu aehnlichem in anderen environments hier verewigen ;)

Videos from LL3 are now up! -

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