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Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2004 link

"Garbage collection has come a long way in the last several years. Modern JVMs offer fast allocation and do their job fairly well on their own, with shorter garbage collection pauses than in previous JVMs. Tricks such as object pooling or explicit nulling, which were once considered sensible techniques for improving performance, are no longer necessary or helpful (and may even be harmful) as the cost of allocation and garbage collection has been reduced considerably." - a must-read for Java developers.

gpoul 5885 days ago:
Unfortunately it only discusses the HotSpot VM and while the explanations in the article are correct, quoting them out of context modifies its meaning. i.e. object pooling and explicit nulling still have their place even with 1.4 VMs (HotSpot or not), but as always you have to handle them with care.

Carelessness kills your code.

I'll stop saying so when developers stop arguing with me that their code can not have memory leaks "because it's written in Java" or they're not responsible for garbage collection because garbage collection is done by the JVM. Yeah... sure.

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