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Freitag, 21. Januar 2005 link aYago

Slava Pestov: "Low information density does not make code easier to read -- it just means you have to read more code. - exactly!

now let's do the wiki-dance!

"[T]here's an additional psychological benefit to using a wiki. Web browsing has become such an ingrained experience, opening the browser is a throwaway action. Indeed, the use of a browser has become so deeply rooted in the psyche that the technology itself barely registers on the user experience. Editing a wiki page becomes a straightforward exercise, in a way that opening a word processor and switching your thought patterns to work within that environment most likely never can be.

"Wikis then can be seen as our third place for corporate information: the third place (a wiki) provides better communication than Word, but more structure and persistence than email.

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