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Montag, 1. August 2005 link

Dick Sites, Rich Witek (1992): Alpha Architecture Technical Summary - "Alpha is designed to be a leadership 64-bit architecture."

Henry Baker (1992): "To a close approximation, established data processing practise became database theory by simply renaming all of the concepts. Because 'algebraic relation theory' was much more respectible than 'data processing', database theoreticians could now get tenure at respectible schools whose names did not sound like the 'Control Data Institute'."

Stefano Mazzocchi: Data First vs Structure First - "Data First strategies have higher usability efficiency [..] than Structure First strategies. [..] But don't forget to think about ways to make further structure emerge from the data, or you'll be lost with a simple system that will fail to grow in complexity without deteriorating."

gpoul 5361 days ago:
Aus dieser HP soll noch einer schlau werden :-)

Es gibt wirklich noch ne, die aber in der domain aliased ist... ochje.

Non-authoritative answer:

earl 5361 days ago:
njo, so big-co merger sind eine zache sche ;) ausserdem: good uris don't change ;))

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