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Montag, 18. September 2006 link

Strongtalk is finally fully open-sourced with the complete VM source available. From the history page on the Strongtalk website:

"I suspect other people trying to make Smalltalk faster were running into basically the same problem, and we all thought the Self system had the kind of technology that would eventually solve the problem, but it looked so advanced and complicated that it looked at least 10 years away from commercialization. I think that incredible apparent difficulty was what stopped everyone else from adopting the Self technology. It was just too daunting."

Originally developed by a group around David Griswold including, amongst others Lars Bak, Gilad Bracha and Urs Hoelzle, Strongtalk was bought by Sun and some of the ideas and technology went into the Sun's HotSpot JVM.

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