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Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2009 link aYago

Don MacAskill: "The Problem: ext3 old and busted. The Solution: ZFS. The REAL Problem: We run Linux. ZFS doesn't run on Linux. Crap."

Kragen Javier Sitaker 4049 days ago:
What's the context of the problem? I've been getting much better [create performance] with Reiser3 and XFS than I was with ext3 on some filesystem-intensive workloads recently — more than 10× faster in some cases.

earl 4049 days ago:
The problem in context of the presentation linked to is optimizing IOPS for MySQL workloads. The "solution" (spoiler warning) for them, is moving from DAS to NAS using the shiny new Sun S7410 storage system.

Regarding your remarks, I share your appreciation, especially of XFS. I've done some benchmarking on a workload that involves roughly 2 million pretty small files, and all ext3 managed was coughing in the dust left behind by XFS (XFS being ~30× faster in one use case, as far as I remember).

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