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Mittwoch, 23. September 2009 link

Chromium from the "Chromium in Ubuntu" daily builds has been my main browser for the last day. Unlike a few months back (which was when I last looked), Chromium is a perfectly usable browser by now. Performance is absolutely impressive, so far. Two things I'm missing at the moment: an option to have a single "close tab" icon per frame, instead of one on each tab; optional "search as you type".

headcore 3842 days ago:
die engine is unglaublich flott. nicht nur das javascript, sondern auch das rendering. ich dachte anfangs nicht, was für einen unterschied das macht - man merkt nicht viel davon, wenn man nur anfangs rendert. aber sobald die updates in einer schleife kommen und man fps sehen will ...

ich verlier richtig die lust, für andere plattformen zu coden, wenn nicht mal mehr firefox schnell genug ist.

themel 3842 days ago:
So, what about the billion of useful extensions? Does it have a Greasemonkey?

earl 3842 days ago:
Well, extension stuff is just about now coming to chrome, AFAIU. The Chromium builds I'm using are extension-ready and have something Greasemonkey-esque already built-in: they call it "content scripts".

In any case, I use less and less extensions in my default profile these days. Still, a few of them I'm already missing in Chromium (flashblock, it's all text, showip).

headcore 3842 days ago:
sure, chrome is fast and sexy - but my true love is still firefox. and chromes nifty javascript console is no match for firebug (the tool of my trade).

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