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internet at work
by earl, 7505 days ago
Can't use internet at work

The managers called a meeting. It was mandatory. I had to attend. There is excessive usage of internet at the company. Our IT group is the biggest offender. Seems like we spend too much time visiting websites that may or may not have anything to do with the job we are performing. The line in the sand is drawn. They are checking firewall log files. They will check if you visit the websites you are not supposed to visit.

I told them that I visit everyday and asked if that would be a problem to them. Since my job is writing code and scripting they immediately said 'No, obviously it looks like you need to use this site' but I better not visit sites that have to do with stock quotes and business.

I understand. I will comply. It looks like I can't write on my soapbox every day because they are watching. I am using company's resources to engage in frivolous activity of writing my thoughts for the world to read. They are absolutely correct. I am using their rescources. I will comply. I will find another job.

It would have been useless to say 'But wait, I do visit websites that have nothing to do with my job function, cubicle assignment and project's purpose'. 'But wait' - I wanted to say. 'What about expanding the world I live in?' - Doesn't that contribute to the value I bring to the company?'. Doesn't that contribute to the value of interactions with my coworkers?. I thought Markets are Conversations. I didn't know they are 14369 keystrokes I am supposed to make in 8 hour shift interacting with my computer screen draped with an ugly looking company's logo wallpaper. I didn't know I am supposed to be working FOR them. All this time I thought I work WITH them. All this time I thought I work WITH my boss and not FOR him. Was I wrong? Is there anybody who wants to hire me to work WITH them to produce some awesome stuff or am I always going to be working FOR somebody else's agenda and being viewed as a replacable part in their perfectly constructed Matrix. Are they listening?

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