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by earl, 7880 days ago
some bits and pieces related to hi-fi mp3-based audio archiving.

software - windows

- Exact Audio Copy (EAC,
whatever the competition writes, do not use nothing else. EAC is the one and only dae tool that is optimized for ultra-high quality. the very best jitter/distortion correction i've ever heard. has a really good interface as well.

- lame (binaries)
- bladeenc (
use lame (with --alt-preset standard, extreme or insane) for punch-based, high energy music (rock, electronic, metal, ...) as it provides superior transient definiton while bladeenc should be used for classical music and other categories demanding ultra high tonal purity. read the full showdown in the airwindows encoder analysis.

management / tagging:
- ID3-TagIt (
it does the job and it does it well.

software - linux

dae: cdparanoia
enc: lame, bladeenc
management / tagging: abcde, id3v2

other stuff - various mp3 resources
mp3gain - advanced mp3 peak normalization
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