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performance / benchmarks


async stuff


rebol networking related stuff

-- line-ending gets mangled

data read from ports opened without /binary or /with refinement gets mangled. line endings are converted to "proper" rebol line endings ('newline, LF).

to circumvent this conversion without having to use /binary use /with with "" as parameter.

-- no-wait ports

w/o data avail: when a 'wait call on this port would not return
on closed port: 'wait on a disconnected port returns immediately

copy w/o data avail -> ""
copy on closed port -> none

read-io w/o data avail -> -4
read-io on closed port -> 0

if a port is returned from 'wait with a successive 'copy resulting in 'none that's a sure sign of the remote peer having disconnected.

-- non no-wait ports (and copy behaviour)

"The copy will only return, when it is sure to have copied _all_ data from the port. Now, how do you tell, if you've got everything? The only way to be sure, is wait until the port is closed."

Ingo Hohmann, REBOL-L, 2002-11-28


about contexts

Q: Ammon Johnson -
> A block and a paren don't actually know their context, but
> rather they can contain words and REBOL does know the context
> of all words, but because a string doesn't have the ability to
> contain words you see a different result from DOing a string
> than DOing a block, or paren.
> Did I get that right?

A: Ladislav Mecir -
> Exactly.

REBOL-L, 2002-12-10
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