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by earl, 5450 days ago
esa's Language Runtime Build Benchmark Series

An exorbitantly stupid series of benchmarks carried out by yours truly and published on this very website, that compares how long it takes to build various language runtimes (VM, compiler, etc).

All builds are carried out on a Core 2 Duo T9500 (2.6GHz) w/ 4GB RAM, running Ubuntu 8.10 with x86_64 kernel 2.6.27-11 and using GCC 4.3.2.

Past entries in this series include:
- 2009-03-17: Parrot 1.0.0
- 2009-03-22: Mono 2.2
- 2009-03-25: LLVM 2.5

Why? Well, no one really knows ...
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