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by earl, 3828 days ago
current serial settings: bios 115200n81 / linux 115200n81

[soekris net4801-50]

debian netinstall via PXE (and an ubuntu host):

- cross-connect cable between soekris and host

- add `dhcp-boot=pxelinux.0` to `/etc/dnsmasq.conf` (create, if ne)

- set eth0 in network manager to be "shared to other computers"

- after this: the host will function as gateway, and forward dhcp as well as dns; filename pxelinux.0 and the host's ip on eth0 will be sent for netboot requests

- fetch pxelinux.0, linux, initrd.gz for e.g. debian lenny's netboot installer and store somewhere

- create a pxelinux.cfg/default:

default lanlinux
serial 0,115200n81

label lanlinux
kernel vmlinuz
append initrd=initrd.gz devfs=mount root=/dev/ram console=ttyS0,115200n81

note: adapt 115200n81 to your real soekris settings (by default 9600n81, changeable via 'set ConSpeed' in soekris comBIOS).

- fire up a tftp server: in this directory with
$ sudo dnsmasq -hdq -i eth0 -p 0 --enable-tftp --tftp-root=`pwd`

- start soekris, enter bios, netboot with `boot f0`

debian install notes

- put a /boot partition (10M) at the beginning of the disk
- adjust grub's menu.lst and inittab before rebooting to enable remote console correctly (

- @@ remove thermal module?

- disable DMA on hda, if on compact flash:
$ echo 'options ide_core options="ide=nodma"' > /etc/modprobe.d/ide
$ update-initramfs -u

alternatively, if CF is sda: `options libata force=<n>:pio4` where n is the ataN device number (see dmesg).
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