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by unknown, a long time ago
most likely we are going public today, let's prepare a bit.

hello and a warm welcome!

you've reached the vanilloid braindump of some other guy out there in the net. if you want to quickly catchup with his log entries and if you don't want to quirkily read bottom-up you may want to try "catchup".

this weblog is powered by vanilla ;) and vanilla's cool. further, this blog is in beta state. when is a written thing in beta? hmmm ... it's not a draft ;) beta simply means: expect that things may change here.

so, enough intro for now. now go on and do a vanilla-user-register or keep on browsing. just have fun!

irgendwer ruehrt da kraeftig die werbetrommel ... hach ;)

eazel verdient natuerlich auch eine bemerkung hier: - werde es in den naechsten tagen mal unter solaris evaluieren (falls das ueberhaupt schon moeglich ist ;)

clay shirky verdient den link auch wahrlich: - absolut lesenswertes material, nur leider viel zu viel davon. das gestrige interview auf slashdot ist btw auch ein muss! und sehr diskutierenswert ...

curl - [via lcom]
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