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by earl, 8506 days ago
department soap-politics Andrew Layman wrote a mail to soapbuilder-L that opened up my eyes on SOAP. I now have a view where the BigCo's as Dave is always calling them are heading to with SOAP. Read it and tell me what you! think. Also read Dave's rant on Layman's message; and have a look at Eric's mail containing his rant on SOAP.

I think I really got a big picture about Microsoft's and IBM's SOAP plans - it just seems to be that obvious; but more on that later.

habe ausserdem eine kleine anschaffung getaetigt. ein smartcard terminal! - bei conrad im moment um laecherliche ATS 199 zu erwerben.

und wieder ein kleines xmlrpc piece gehackt (heute um 0100 oder so). was triviales diesmal, aber es ging eigentlich eher um die programmiersprache -

i am (somewhat) proud to present: inspector gadget!

- aka 'the inspector'; a tiny piece of ruby that generates xmlrpc html-documentation via the semi-official xmlrpc introspection interface. give it a try! yep, the interface is ugly! yep, it seems to timeout, but that's simply because some servers are far away and quite slow. and yep, i know that the idea is not that new ...

und ausserdem steht ein kleines und sehr feines .NET <-> java project bevor ... *freu*
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