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by earl, 8407 days ago
Austria is slightly smaller than maine. yo! so isses.

python? - let's dive into it! naja, python2.1 mit readline und tab-autocompletion ist schon angenehm. zumindest die shell gefaellt mir sehr gut ;)

ups! - running out of diskspace und das haben webserver und vor allem vanilla gar nicht gerne ;) ad-hoc aufraeumarbeiten haben aber das problem fuers erste beseitigt.

zwei nette java artikel
-- JavaOne: Defining the Phantom Menace
"At this year's JavaOne conference, Sun executives are exhorting Java developers to take up arms against the .NET menace."

sehr lustig zu lesen: "It's up to us to move this Java, move XML...countering what I believe is going to make the PC pale in comparison, in terms of proprietary architecture (...)"

-- Java In the Home Stretch With V1.4
"In the Wednesday keynote address at JavaOne, James Gosling announced that version 1.4 of Java is going to acquire two features that have long been dear to C++ devotees: generics and assertions."
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