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by earl, 5359 days ago
C++ is now being largely superceded by the Java-Language, also known in some quarters as Smalltalk--.

Generics for .NET: "Almost all previous implementation techniques for parametric polymorphism have assumed the traditional compile, link and run model of programming. Our implementation, on the other hand, takes advantage of the dynamic loading and code generation capabilities of the CLR. Its main features are as follows:
  • "Just-in-time" type specialization. Instantiations of parameterized classes are loaded dynamically and the code for their methods is generated on demand.

  • Code and representation sharing. Where possible, compiled code and data representations are shared between different instantiations.

  • No boxing. Due to type specialization the implementation never needs to box values of primitive type.
  • "
  • Efficient support of run-time types. The implementation makes use of a number of novel techniques to provide operations on run-time types that are efficient in the presence of code sharing and with minimal overhead for programs that make no use of them.
  • "
woohoo!! langsam wirds spannend. generics sind zwar immer wieder ein hart-umstrittenes thema unter OOlern und kollegen - vor allem da viele meinen, das generics gar nicht wirklich OO sind, andre aber templates als 'parametric polymorphism' auffassen. seit der ersten internen fertigstellung des designs der .NET-plattform gibt es bei Microsoft eine group, die versucht generics fuer diese plattform zu designen. dank LtU kann man nun auch ein paper dazu lesen:

Department Networking: An Analysis of Distributed Network Security Services: Kerberos and Public Key Infrastructure
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