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by earl, 8365 days ago
Migrated esa to sha-1 passwords. please check whether your login still works (it should). report bugs into esa-bugs, thanks! if everything works, then i'd like to state, that migration is a breeze ;)

Two important changes to the vanilla space-accessor occured. the new accessor is now driving esa and the testbed. the changes:
- an important fix relating dyna parameter passing (4byte bug)
- dyna packages
the new accessor kan be simply 'dropped in' as nothing should break (see also: [create testbed:2001-08-20]).

Ausserdem wird es langsam zeit regression bzw unit testing fuer vanilla zu etablieren; einerseits mit rUnit andrerseits evtl mit HttpUnit. ein paar gedanken dazu:
- tests fuer alle dyna's
- tests fuer login/logout
- tests fuer alle libs (space, user, session)
- tests fuer basic rendering
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