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by earl, 8323 days ago
And as it seems I forgot to mention that esa and vanilla therefor too, provides 2 new indexing schemes. now you can choose between the plain old index, the new index3 providing improved readability, as well as index-wanted-snips, which displays snips that are not currently existing in this space, but are referred to somewhere else.

also working are a 'most popular' index and the often demanded 'recently-stored' index - both are not up/running on esa for some reasons ;)

Functional Programming and XML ...

Clay Shirky on Web Services: "Web Services is a background technology, a plumbing technology, a way to lower current thresholds, not Yet Another Paradigm Shift. And that in itself is enough to be a big deal. Lowering the effort and costs associated with interoperability is a good goal. Let's just hope the real advantages of sending data between small or private groups doesn't get swamped by the hype of perfect but unachievable automation."

Outliner bis zum umfallen: lange uebersicht ueber alle moeglichen outlining und (personal) information management tools (mit outliner bezug). eine erquickende resource fuer ausfuehrliches stoebern und probieren. [via lcom@]
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