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by earl, 7307 days ago
Joel Spolsky finally leaks out information regarding CityDesk. closely attached to the 'feature note' are two articles worth reading: Working on CityDesk Part One and Part Two.

CityDesk seems to be yet another desktop content management tool. maybe a bit more focused on content management than other 'blog focused tools. we'll really see, once there is a demo or there are some users out there ;)

Wide-area cooperative storage with CFS: "The Cooperative File System (CFS) is a new peer-to-peer read-only storage system that provides provable guarantees for the efficiency, robustness, and load-balance of file storage and retrieval. CFS does this with a completely decentralized architecture that can scale to large systems." [via htp@]

lustiger nebeneffekt der "universellen flucht" (see 2001-10-10): fuer html normal zu escapende zeichen wie spitzeklammern oder umlaute, lassen sich nun legalerweise einfach mit zB \รค escapen ;)
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