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by earl, 8160 days ago
Some great things are going on.

"[create Narval] is a framework (language + interpreter + GUI/IDE) dedicated to the setting up of intelligent personal assistants (IPAs). v1.1 release note, webpage [via pwtm@]

sounds like a great piece of python software. a programmable agent system that gets common tasks done. like browsing pages for updates (a lot more exotic examples are provided as well). and what's really fine: "It runs on your machine or on a remote server, and you can communicate with it via all standard means (email, web, telnet, phone, specific GUI, etc)."

p3k's cool universal dishwasher is a pretty sweet hop app doing the dishwashing for you ;) check it out!

und monsieur Praschl fasst in worte wonach mir schon lange der sinn steht: "Was ich gerne hätte: Eine kleine Welt-minus-Westen-Bibliothek, sagen wir, 100 Bücher umfassend." - ich auch!

Microsoft releases MSXML 4.0 RTM - check it out here. they've removed all the non-compliant stuff, further they provide a WinHTTP component that sounds promising.

And Visual J# is finally available for download.
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