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by earl, 8139 days ago
Tyes, ein fröhliches neues Jahr auch allen! (Letzter!)

O'Reilly's F-Script series continues: Browsing Cocoa with F-Script

I like it more by the day: — Parasitic web services rule.

Und weiters aus dem Departement Vektorsprachen: [create GLEE],"It would seem there are plenty of computer languages and the world doesn't need another one. I've learned many and have heard good things about others enticing me to learn them. But I've had lots experience in APL. I was 20 times more productive in it than any other language I've known. Glee is my-own, and my-better APL. It keeps the features I enjoyed in APL and removes the warts. It supplies features I always wished APL had. If I like it this much, maybe someone else will too. If not? Well, I'm back to being 20 times more productive by using Glee."

Departement I-could-just-send-you-over

-- JWorkPlace


happy new year! (erster! ;)

maybe a little explanation: is down at the moment, chris langreiter will blog here until everything has settled. all content above the seperator (---) is written by chris, every bit below is by earl ;)
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