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by earl, 8137 days ago
lcom - gone but not forgotten - we love you! ;) hopefully lcom will be back soon!

"Organized by the Dynamic Languages Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Artificial Intelligence Lab and cosponsored by Dr. Dobb's Journal, the primary purpose of the Lightweight Languages Workshop was to bring together programming language implementors from industry and programming language researchers from academia, put them all in the same room, and spark some lively discussion. Just to see how lively those discussions would be, Eugene Eric Kim attended the workshop and filed this report." - mit dabei war auch Paul Graham of Arc fame.

"What Made Lisp Different" ist ein neuer artikel von ebendiesem (Paul Graham) - lesenswert!

"COM was like an ugly woman with a heart of gold. You really had to want to fall in love, but once you did, it was forever. Java was like a beautiful woman with horrible breath. Sure she looks great from across a crowded room, but you really need to overlook certain annoyances if you plan on spending any time with her. The CLR is like a great looking woman with nice breath but since you are her first fling, you can't ask her ex for pointers on how to get along with her." - Don's Favorite Aspects of the CLR

einen schoenen tag werte leserschaft (die sich in den letzten tagen verhundertfacht zu haben scheint, anwesenheitsbestaetigung regelmaessiger leser gerne in esa-readers)!

die serverlandschaft in .at scheint ein wenig in umruhr zu sein. der host der unter lcom sass, machte in den letzten tagen eine aeusserst unzufriedenstellende figur, der unter hat gerade 3 mal rebooted (irgendwelche strom-probleme) und esa selbst ist auch noch ein wenig fragil ;)

sollte sich aber alles wieder (mehr oder weniger) einrenken.

REBOL rocks! ;) braucht man ein konditionales probe fuer debugging zwecke?

debug: either to-logic debugging-status [
func [ value ] [ probe value ]
] [
func [ value ] [ value ]

weitere verbesserungsvorschlaege - immer her damit ;)
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