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by earl, 7988 days ago
das sind good news: Maarten Koopmans - "I am pleased to announce the beta1 of Rugby XPi."

"[...] the way i'm writing in here is much more like a series of kernels. i've been to a conference, and so there's a little tight lump of interconnected notes from that conference. names, people, ideas, locations. then it might just flow along in little odd ways for a while, then there might be another kernel around who knows what. it doesn't matter that these don't literally join to each other, even where they might cross other in all sorts of ways" - adrian miles, vog blog

Some reasoning about web vs offline writing, editing and linking. let's get the best of both worlds!

"[create NeuroGrid] tries to provide a more general semantic framework within which search can be conducted. To be specific, somewhat like FreeNet all the nodes in the NeuroGrid network contain a short list of some other nodes, but instead of just associating them with data keys, NeuroGrid nodes maintain a list about which queries other nodes have been good at answering in the past." - read more ...

und da haben wir wieder unser aller liebling, mister 'no locked trunks' nolockin. und er praesentiert uns stolz den XML Coffee Mug - und schon kriegt man den scheiss kofferraumdeckel nicht mal mehr mit dem schweissbrenner auf. anstatt die arbeit anzugehen, ein rss:// protocol scheme zu etablieren, so was aergerliches aber auch ...
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