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by earl, 7613 days ago
"SyntheSys Secure Technologies, Inc. announces the release of the JabCast Secure Realtime Communications (SRC) system on Compaq Computer Corporation's AlphaServer systems running the OpenVMS operating system." wow - jabber for [create OpenVMS]

J2EE considered harmful: "As an architect, I've been in 5 projects in the last 2.5 years where EJBs were on the table, and in every case but one there have been overwhelming reasons to avoid getting involved with that kind of technology. And in the remaining case, it was already live when I came on board but thankfully the designer had not used Entity Beans, which made it almost tolerable." [via henso]

der evangelische pressedienst hat wirklich hervorragende film-rezensionen in seinem heft epd film. als beispiel dazu seien zB die rezensionen zu memento oder david lynch's mulholland drive empfohlen. letzteres empfehle ich aber erst zu lesen nachdem man den film das erste mal gesehen hat.

die musik zum dienst
- alkbottle, die doppler affäre
- wolfgang ambros, tagwache
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