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by earl, 8192 days ago
On Ruby and GUI: "I think the signal/slot mechanism in Qt is the most elegant basic mechanism. (The other options are AFAIK: callbacks, observers and subclassing.) In a ruby GUI, signals and slots should be ordinary ruby functions. It should also be possible to use Proc's as slots. Like this."

From Qt-related Ruby stuff, to Qt itself

Trolltech's [create Qtopia] is a hot new mobile palmtop environment that makes mobile computing simple, powerful, intuitive, efficient, and flexible. A complete operating environment, Qtopia's beautiful and intuitive user interface gives you access to near-desktop power on embedded devices. It includes a full complement of Qtopia applications for business productivity, personal information management, Internet content, entertainment, and synchronization with desktop PCs.

Some screenshots? Yes, please!

bye the way - in IBM's world web services matter just because of legacy integration. wollte ich nur mal sicher nieder geschrieben haben ;)
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