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by earl, 8181 days ago
"To write good software you must simultaneously keep two opposing ideas in your head. You need the young hacker's naive faith in in his abilities, and at the same time the veteran's skepticism. You have to be able to think how hard can it be? with one half of your brain while thinking it will never work with the other." - Paul Graham

und wie recht er doch hat. es ist schon praktisch wenn andre leute phaenomene die auch mich beschaeftigen, so schoen erklaeren.

Quarks to Quasars: "This is a visual journey consisting of 42 images -- 42 powers of ten. At one end of the journey is the immensity of the known universe, some 13 000 000 000 years old and 1010 light years across. At the other end of the journey is a depiction of the three quarks within a proton."

nachdem ncurses-ruby wirklich useable wird, scheint es an der zeit, die ncurses tutorials wieder auszugraben ;) the all time classic: Writing Programs with NCURSES by Eric S. Raymond and Zeyd M. Ben-Halim.

Tinderbox ist nun ja available. und was findet die geschaetzte leserin auf - eine quote von Christian Langreiter ;) hehehe. mac users out there, go get it and report! ;)

Das ging ja schnell - am mittwoch lese ich friedlich ueber another vanilla blog bei michi. gestern stosse ich schon ueber in den referers ;) a very warm welcome, mr dieter!

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