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by earl, 7828 days ago
anybody knows a environment for ruby that features live object inspection and the like?

i'm still reading through some web architecture (see REST) papers in parallel, and dare i say, i think i get the point. it's totally about "inclusion". i don't want to write another 1000 paragraphs as i'm quite tired as result of the last 24 hours, but forgive me a really short take at describing the way i currently see it.

information exposed via SOAP/XML-RPC is hidden to the rest of the web world. that's why those long-time web-centric workers really dislike it. and slowly i'm getting their points.

Keith Ballinger gets quite close to my instincts: I'd like to imagine a world where a single XML document containing my health records can travel from my insurance provider to my doctor's office to my pharmacy to myself. I'd like to imagine that only the pieces of this document relevent to their work are readable.
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