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by earl, 8020 days ago
"A language should be very simple and regular in it's basic form. Lisp is very good for this, but the syntax is slightly monotonous. A bit more syntax while staying completely unambiguous is better. (Smalltalk perfectly fits my idea of the right amount of grammar.) A language should define primitive effects and high order effects.

High order effects should say how to compose still higher effects. A good language should stick mainly to these basics, and then stop." - [create David McCusker] on language design

"And how far we have strayed... Ideally, a million lines of code ought to be replaced by two thousand lines of code: one thousand to define a project-specific "tiny" language, and one thousand lines written IN that language to implement the rest of the functionality."


[i just had to rip that without modification, thank you lcom]

Some Useful Free Software for Java Developers - especially interesting sounds "util.concurrent": Doug Lea's excellent concurrency utilities. Contains things like queues where one thread puts objects on and another thread takes them off. When the queue is empty, the taking thread blocks until something is put in the queue. Also includes semaphores, thread pools, and even an Ada-style rendevous. [via vergessenwoher]

"The key to a Blogspace site, as with most sites, is the content. However, Blogspace sites are slightly different than most. First, Blogspace sites can be easily edited over the Web, through any web browser. (We're also thinking about adding support for WebDAV and other formats.) Second, Blogspace sites can hold not only text, but also structured and semi-structured forms of data. Third, Blogspace sites use a powerful linking system to let you categorize and manage all of your information in a permanent and useful way." - i'd call it a wiki :)

ah, it really seems to be a wiki (probably based on ACS?). the following is served via blogspace.

Sign Your Page!: "Here's a quick start guide on how to sign your pages with RDF and join the Semantic Web." - harhar, way too cool!

needs further elaboration
- djbdns is bernstein's ultra secure bind replacement
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