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by earl, 7352 days ago
willkommen im juli!
TCPA nein danke - ich lass mir meinen guten schlaf nicht nehmen


AVOID TCPA / Palladium! "[...] TCPA and [create Palladium] do not so much provide security for the user, but for the PC vendor, the software supplier, and the content industry. They do not add value for the user. Rather, they destroy it, by constraining what you can do with your PC - in order to enable application and service vendors to extract more money from you."

und so weit entfernt ist das alles nicht mehr. mit WinXP und dem media player klopft palladium schon fast an die haustuer.


ich muss wieder mehr [create David McCusker] lesen. durch ihn bin ich naemlich auf folgenden feinen blog gestossen: [create Jeff Darcy], - ein paar links dorthin folgen.

RPC and Protocol Design: "Every so often, people notice that I grimace when RPC is mentioned. I'll try to explain why."

"I've designed successful protocols for everything from cluster membership to distributed lock management to cache coherency over the years, and if it weren't for these rules [those mentionend in the article, red.] I would have gone insane long ago."

Various articles about multithreading and event based programming: 1, 2, 3, 4

what i really like about Darcy's blog is the profound knowledge he has of (distributed) filesystems and related caching/locking issues. see for example

The File-sharing Manifesto: "Most of the filesharing systems out there nowadays are barely better than FTP, which is one of the very oldest protocols on the Internet. [...] What I'd like to suggest is that we need to set our sights higher. FTP functionality isn't worth striving for. [...] If you want to get serious about innovation, here are some ideas - first from a feature level, and then from a technical level."
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