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by earl, 8047 days ago
Radio Community Server public file sharing vulnerability: "This vulnerability makes it possible for an intruder to use the open SOAP or XML-RPC APIs published at to create user accounts and upload random file data to any server running the Radio Community Server as published by UserLand Software Inc. at"

more comments on this later ...

"Compaq's Web Language (WebL) is a scripting language for automating tasks on the World-Wide Web. It is an imperative, interpreted language that has built-in support for common web protocols like HTTP and FTP, and popular data types like HTML and XML." (1998)

Die JSSE Reference Guide ist eine umfangreiche aber wirklich sehr gelungene unterstuetzung bei Java und [create SSL]. ich haette ja nicht geglaubt dass ich das noch einmal sage, aber langsam machen java und ssl wirklich spass ;)

Do We Really Have To Sue The RIAA? (1998)
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