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by earl, 6941 days ago ist seit kurzem auch unter den blog-hostern - powered by radio userland und dem radio community server. und natuerlich ist der community server von salon auch komplett vulnerable - siehe RCS public file sharing vulnerability announcement auf NTBugtraq.

dave winer schreibt in Our Deal with Salon: "Both companies stand to grow economically from this. In the past such a service would have been free. Some free weblog services still exist, but more and more they are subsidized by customers who pay. Since we got a fresh start long after the end of the dotcom bubble, our weblog community doesn't have this kind of subsidy. People pay a reasonable price for what they use, and this makes it possible for us to operate the servers and add features and fix bugs."

this is not completely true - people do not have to pay to use the the open and free filespace provided by the radio community server. one registration on gives the user 10mb space with individual files beeing limited to 1mb in size.

this filespace is completely web (http) accessible. overall, the service is similar to operating a free, writable anonymous ftp server with 1mb file-size limit.

in my humble opinion, at least the server operator in this deal does not "stand to grow economically" but risks very high bandwith/traffic costs and their economical effects in reality.

[der language switch war unabsichtlich - aber egal :)]
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