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by earl, 6938 days ago
mit saemtlichen mitteln bewaffnet, befindet ich mich nun auf einer brutalen bug-jagd. fight! ist angenehm, dass bugs nicht ueber irgendwelche rechte geschuetzt sind. oder gar den genfer konventionen unterliegen .. harhar.

[herr funzel, probierns doch mal das login wieder, und berichtens bitte obs funzt (funktioniert also) :)]

"For years, Eiffel has been synonymous with quality software and business-critical applications. However, it has traditionally been available only within Eiffel Software's development environment, EiffelStudio. Until now."

'Cause now comes Eiffel ENViSioN! (sic!) - envision! is a plug-in for Visual Studio .NET providing full integration for Eiffel.NET. Yep, including Design by Contract (TM), multiple inheritance (!), generics (!) and other important Eiffel features.

Best of all, there's a free version for non-commercial use :) Interestingly enough, the download size of ENViSioN! is about thrice as big (in terms of megabytes) as EiffelStudio :)
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