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by earl, 7313 days ago
back again nach einer entspannenden pause :)

Der Spiegel - Das Gregor-Prinzip: "erzähl mir nichts von der Einleitung des Postkapitalismus durch Internet-Kommunikation. Daran glaube ich, wenn die erste Open-Source-Bäckerei in meiner Nachbarschaft eröffnet hat!"

hoechst lesenswert! und damit auch mein heutiger beitrag zum wahlsonntag.

Cool URIs don't change:
"What makes a cool URI?
A cool URI is one which does not change.
What sorts of URI change?
URIs don't change: people change them."

A completely RESTful weblog: "The basic idea is to see how far you can get just using HTTP and XML. This site will be a clearing house for ideas, tips, techniques and code, rooted in working examples and real-world experience in implementing the Well-Formed Web."

dive into mark - Recommended Reading: "A social network explorer, based on weblog interlinking data collected by Phil Pearson." hmm

An ascetic view of XML best practices: " is a look at XML from a different angle, focusing on what markup is best at rather than what markup can do to solve a particular problem or set of problems."

durchwegs theoretisch und ein wenig trocken, aber trotzdem lesenswert.

-- Stephen's Guide - The logical Fallacies [auch via mark]
-- Patterns for Personal Web Sites [via traumwind]
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