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by earl, 7776 days ago
"Someone on Slashdot indicated that CORBA was a decrepit technology compared to SOAP. This was my reply"

"[...] The only place where SOAP surpasses CORBA is if you are doing document-passing functions rather than parameter-passing functions. For example, if you were sending in a complete invoice (a lot of depth and loosely structured), you might use SOAP. However, for operations where the parameters are fairly structured, CORBA is clearly the winner."

"The business systems of the future will allow people to have competing interpretations of objective reality. They'll allow those interpretations to battle, and may the best win. In terms of equipping board members to do this kind of thing, IT, so far, hasn't held up its end of the bargain." - Ward Cunningham in an interview with Jon Udell.

Google deserves your nomination for Big Brother of the Year [via scrp@]

developerWorks bringt uns auch diese woche wieder ein paar nicht uninteressante artikel:

A JSTL primer: The expression language - "The JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL) is a collection of custom tag libraries that implement general-purpose functionality common to Web applications, including iteration and conditionalization, data management formatting, manipulation of XML, and database access. In this first installment of his new series on developerWorks, software engineer Mark Kolb shows you how to use JSTL tags to avoid using scripting elements in your JSP pages."

Using JFace and SWT in stand-alone mode - "Although the Eclipse GUI components (JFace and SWT) are often used inside the Eclipse Workbench, they were designed as self-contained frameworks in their own right. Even outside the Eclipse Workbench, JFace's pluggable design still allows you to develop sophisticated GUIs with surprisingly little code."
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